Campers Volley

  • + What security measures are taken for your camps?
    • Berry has a very large and visible security force year round. Our dorm is locked 24 hours a day. Only the coaches/counselors will be issued keys.

  • + What time is drop off/pick up and where?
    • Check in is each Sunday, the first day of the session, between 1:00 and 2:30. This year, the summer of 2018, we will be in the Thomas Berry Hall. Directions will be posted on the website and will be in your confirmation email. Official pick up time is on thursday at 3:00 also in Thomas Berry Hall. Earlier or later pick up times can be arranged.

  • + Who will be the councelors/supervisors throughout the week?
    • Our camps are staffed on the court and in the dorms by current college tennis coaches as well as current and past college tennis players. Spouses sometimes help with dorm supervision. Male campers are on one floor with male supervisors living on the same hall. Females on another floor or wing.

  • + Can my child take his/her own medicine or do you prefer to administer it?
    • This will be determined on a case by case basis and depends on how strongly the parent feels. Our staff has overseen the dispensing/taking of medicine many times in the past. Also, we have taken the position of each morning/evening of checking with the camper to see if they took their medicine. We will also remind them to bath, brush teeth, drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen.

  • + How do I get in touch with the staff?
    •  Our contact information will be posted on our website and given out at check in.

  • + Can my child bring a cell phone?
    •  Yes. We ask that they don’t take it to the courts or anywhere outside of the dorm. We don’t want them to lose it or let it cause distractions.

  • + How does the camp bank work?
    • Campers make a cash deposit into their account at check in. During the week, if they want to make a purchase we simply write the amount beside their name, subtract it, and keep up with the balance. Whatever is left over is returned at check in.

  • + What do you sell in the camp store?
    • Water, sports drinks, soft drinks, candy bars, crackers, popcorn and occasionally some small tennis related items.

  • + What happens when it rains?
    • It is very rare that rain prevents us from getting in our full tennis program during the week. We may miss a morning or afternoon session but we are able to make it up in the evenings when we would normally be doing activities. If we get rain we take the opportunity for a talk about a specific tennis topic such as tennis etiquette, nutrition, off court training, college tennis and its different divisions, how to play vs certain game styles, etc….

  • + How do you determine who is in what group for on court instruction?
    • Part of our Sunday session is used to evaluate the technique and level of each player. They are grouped by age for this session. The rest of the week the campers are grouped by ability. We do make changes every day or between a.m. and p.m. drills as we learn more about each camper’s skills.

  • + What is a typical day like?
    • Click here to view the daily schedule and the fun activities!

  • + What are the costs for a week of camp?
    • The camp is $625 per session per camper, and those registering by Februari 14th, 2018 receive a $30 discount. Campers enrolling for more than one session receive a $45 discount. Families enrolling more than one child per week receive a $30 discount. A non-refundable deposit of $175 is required with each application.

      You can register online here.

  • + What do I need to bring to the camp?
    • Upon enrollment, we will send you a list of all items your child will need to bring to the camp. This detailed list will include sheets, towels, clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc.

  • + Can my child request his/her bunkmate for the camp week?
    • Absolutely. We understand that camp is the ultimate opportunity to spend time away from home with your friends. In the signup form there is a section to request for a particular room mate. Typically, two to four campers are assigned to each room.

  • + How many campers share one room?
    • Two to four campers of similar age are assigned a room, which is furnished with single beds or bunk beds, chest of drawers and storage closets. Girls and boys are separated by floor in the Dorms. Staff will reside with the campers in the houses and are available at all times.

  • + Where are the camps located?
    • The Clay Hightower Tennis Academy offers its camps at Berry College, just outside of Rome, GA.

      2277 Martha Berry Hwy. NW
      Mount Berry, GA 30149

      Upon enrollment, we will send you a detailed description whith a route to the designated Dorm.

  • + What is the coach to camper ratio?
    • Because of our strong emphasis on individual attention to each camper, we strive to have one coach for every five campers.

  • + What are the age and skill level requirements?
    • Our tennis camps are offered to young athletes ages 9 through 17. Our programs are designed to accommodate players of all skill levels from beginner to top high school players. With our experienced coaching staff, all the children are challenged to improve with the fundamental aspects of the game.

  • + Where do campers eat and sleep?
    • Campers and coaches stay in the main campus dorms of Berry College. All outside and corridor doors have locks and can only be opened with a Berry ID card. In 2016 we reside in the following dorm:

      Thomas Berry Hall:                     

      thomas Berry          

      These dorms provide a quality, safe and comfertable residential environment and are well-maintained with air consitioning.

      Campers are eligible for three nutritious meals a day provided by the Berry College Dining Hall caterer "Real Food on Campus" (RFoC). More Information about RFoC can be found via http://www.campusdish.com/en-US/CSS/Berry/Parents/

Session dates 2017

June 3 - June 7