Why Hightower Tennis Camps?

Hightower instructing

Serious Tennis and Serious Fun!

Camp Directors Clay Hightower and Dennis den Boer have carefully designed a program with the intent of making each camper a better player and a competitive athlete. Campers' daily routine involves stroke enhancement, footwork, conditioning, intense drills and fun games of all sorts with the main focus being overall match play.

Court Rotation Technique

We chose to utilize the effective "court rotation" teaching strategy in our tennis program. In the mornings, a different aspect of tennis is taught on each court and campers benefit from working under several different instructors. Approximately 30 minutes are spent on each court/rotation with a maximum of 4 rotations per morning session. As a result, campers learn the correct technique of the basic strokes, learn to hit the ball while on the move and finally, put the ball into strategic play.


Part of each athlete’s daily routine for peak performance is conditioning. No exceptions here. We have made a special effort in making footwork and conditioning an important part of the morning.


After lunch is digested, campers are out on the court again for match play or additional instruction. The camp group is divided in teams that compete amongst each other. Coaching staff supervises match play and advises campers on the strategic and mental part of the game.

Activities and Fun

In addition to instruction, court drills, and match play, there is also room for fun activities in our program! Evening activities are supervised and joined by our camp staff and may include activities such as:

  • capture the flag
  • game night
  • skit night
  • disc golf
  • ultimate frisbee
  • In addition, campers have access to a pool table, fussball table and table tennis.



    Session dates 2017

    June 3 - June 7